The Pros and Cons to hiring in the development field.



1. Communication

Face-to-face conversation can offer more engagement on the project, which may help propel progress.

2. Intellectual Property

In-house may mean additional confidentiality. Non-compete contracts can prevent stolen ideas by employees.

3. Technical Resolutions

Any issues can be fixed immediately and completely focused on. A 3rd-party may not have the same priorities.

4. Outside Investors

You may garner more interest and provide higher valuations if your programming is completed by your team.


1. Finding Quality Talent

Hiring the right fit for your company can be tough in smaller cities and resumes may not accurately reflect a set of skills.

2. High Cost

The best talent will expect the best benefits. Medical, dental, 401k match and more will cause your cost to jump.

3. Hiring Process

Finding, vetting, interviewing, and negotiating all take time, and if your employee abruptly leaves, you start over.

4. Project Timeline

Your hire may not possess the skills required to complete a project. Learning a new skill will push your deadlines back.



1. Cost Savings

Hiring one or more employees plus buying all of the necessary equipment they need quickly skyrockets your costs.

2. Time Saving

Shift your focus from hiring a competent development team and completing the project, to core business goals.

3. Quality Work

Utilize a firm that offers a group of dedicated employees outputting top-shelf solutions, not a single person.

4. Latest Technology

3rd parties stay on the cutting edge of technology, use that to your advantage and gain world-class capabilities.


1. Location

Different locations have different styles of design and content creation. Choose a firm that matches your company image.

2. Communication

Gaps can happen. Time zones or schedules can cause conflict. The best firms are aware of this and counter it.

3. Prioritization

You aren’t the only customer a 3rd party has. This could mean that your project is not at the top of the list to complete first.

4. Intellectual Rights

Some firms keep the right to your project’s source code. Pay attention to copyrights and privacy issues.


Deciding the best path for developing your project can be tricky. There are a lot more pros and cons to both sides. The most important action you can take is to do research. Flesh out your idea to discover just how in-depth the process could be. If your list of features starts getting too long it could be time to consult some 3rd party options. Research a list of companies and review their previous work. Talk to previous clients.

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