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Dustin Clonch


Dustin is responsible for strategy, client relations and company development. He began his career in software development in 1997 at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Dustin lives in Lincoln with his wife, Sandra, and their three young children.

Jake McElroy


Jake heads up Operations and Finance and enjoys building and being part of a world class team of developers, designers and project managers. When Jake’s not in the office he’s either hanging out with his wife Cassie & two little girls, fishing or working on his farm.

Jeff Hale


Jeff is responsible for leading the development team to create successful solutions for our clients. He has over 15 years of development experience across a wide range of expertise.

Jacob Krings

Team Lead / Project Programmer / Mobile

Jacob enjoys playing soccer, video games, and bike riding in his spare time. The thing he really loves most is using electricity to trick rocks into thinking. He is always working on some coding project while at home, it’s what he loves to do.

Brent David

Team Lead / Project Programmer / Web

Brent has always been into technology. From a young age tinkering with computers and now with software development. While working on numerous applications, he has found the most rewarding thing is the ability to create something from scratch and see what that means to a clients’ business. That’s just darn close to magical. He has often been accused of being a workaholic, since he spends so much time after work doing the same thing he does at work. Other pastimes include video games, golf and watching football in the fall.

Gleb Batalkin

Now Enterprise Application Developer at SpaceX

Sean Medcalf

Team Lead / Project Programmer / Web

Sean is a web developer who loves football, fishing, and hanging out with friends. Basically anything that starts with the letter 'f'. When he is not coding or having fun that usually means he is asleep.

Keith Jett

Project Programmer / Web

Keith grew up in Illinois and studied computer science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Outside of work, he enjoys watching sports and playing video games. His life goal is to live through a Husker football season that doesn't involve agonizing disappointment. Like, seriously. Just one year. Please.

Kristen Vogler

UI / UX Designer

Kristen is originally from Boston, came to Lincoln for school and decided to stick around. When she isn't East visiting the Hahvahd Yahd or working you can find her hanging out with her dog Pixel, dreaming up a crazy idea for a new project, or on the softball field.

Lisa Goertzen-Whitaker

Project Programmer / Mobile

By day, Lisa enjoys drinking vast amounts of coffee, thinking about code, and absorbing new knowledge. By night, enjoys curating her spotify playlists, letting her dogs know just how cute they are, and still thinking about code.

Kelly Vogler

Vice President of Operations

Kelly works closely with clients on a day to day basis and enjoys keeping multiple balls going in the air at once. While she calls Lincoln home, you're more likely to find her elsewhere traveling and hiking the globe. If she's not on a trip right now, she's probably already planning her next adventure.

Brad Hicken

Team Lead / Project Programmer / Web

Brad has been doing software development for over 10 years. When he is not working on code he can be found camping, spending time with his family, or relaxing with his favorite computer game.

Zach Lovell

Account Manager

With experience in customer support and a passion for technology, Zach is focused on making sure every build meets client expectations and remains bug free. Zach enjoys camping, fishing and spending time with friends and family.

Bethany Hage

Junior Programmer / Web

Bethany is a native Nebraskan from the Lincoln area, and she studied computer science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She was drawn to coding as a profession because of the satisfaction of logical problem-solving and the constant opportunities to learn, but mostly just because you can make computers do neat things. When she's not coding, Bethany enjoys painting, binging sci-fi shows on Netflix, and (as a certified band geek) watching football games just for the marching band.

Kirby Pelan

Administrative Coordinator

Kirby thrives off of bottomless cups of coffee, prioritized lists, detailed schedules, and color-coded calendars. If someone says it, she makes sure to write it down so it doesn’t fall through the cracks. Outside of work you’re most likely to find her binge watching Netflix while sipping a glass of wine, spending time with family and friends, or cheering on the Huskers. 

Ryan Hruska

Quality Assurance / Client Support

Ryan enjoys testing and finding ways to improve quality. Outside of work, you'll find Ryan spending time with his family, running, writing music, and eating food.

Will Gidley

Junior Programmer / Mobile

If Will could live for 1000 years, he would probably spend most of it in a classroom learning as much as he could. He can often be found researching topics of interest or discussing them with his friends. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and eating new foods. He looks forward to a long career in software development, as technology keeps getting smarter.

Dakota Judds

Project Manager

Dakota enjoys managing projects to learn about new concepts, the complexities within them, and building relationships with clients. In his free time, he plays soccer, coaches soccer, and watches soccer...so if it has to do with soccer, he probably does it! He also enjoys spending time outside, working on a farm, golfing, and traveling.

Bethany Jauken

Junior Programmer / Web

Bethany had been involved in the software world for awhile before getting into the development part of the process. Her previous work in web design and QA has given her a unique perspective and a talent for both building software and finding the things that are broken. Outside of work, you'll find her enjoying the outdoors, going to shows, trying new restaurants, or playing with her cameras.

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