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We are a Software Development company located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We use the latest technologies to solve business problems for customers around the world. At Agilx, we don’t restrict our expertise to a single set of technologies. We make it our goal to excel in different areas that can ease the working process in many different sectors. By practicing agile development, we focus on reducing development time with an emphasis on customer feedback and collaboration.

We love to create great software and welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

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Researching prospective markets, emerging technologies and proven technologies help the initial planning stages of a product all the way to market delivery.


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” The aim of our planning processes is to ensure project tasks are well coordinated and they meet the various project objectives including timely completion and execution.


We rely on proven technologies to deliver capable, secure and reliable software solutions specific to client requirements. Short development cycles keep you informed through the entire development lifecycle.


We specialize in turning ideas into products and delivering those products on dynamic platforms that handle future demand and growth.

Our Passion + Your Idea = THE NEXT BIG THING!

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Custom Software on Any Device

We are well versed in many programming languages, allowing us to provide all clients with a one-stop shop for web applications, desktop applications, mobile app development and integration projects. We work with clients large and small to deliver the best software product to suit your business objectives.

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