Custom Software Solutions for News and Media Companies

The digital landscape is changing. Increases in censorship, de-platforming and bias agendas of large social media sites are pushing news organizations towards building their own platforms and Agilx can help.

A Media Source you control

From reporting to editing and publishing, Agilx can help you build a custom end-to-end media publishing platform.

When an off-the-shelf CMS just won’t cut it.

It’s a common theme in our industry, one we hear every week.

“Do I use an off the shelf content management system or build something custom?” 

Our approach is to give you a custom workflow and content flexibility on top of a robust tech infrastructure that allows you to get the word out without sacrificing performance or functionality.

To be a true leader in your market it is important to differentiate from the competition. Using an off-the-shelf CMS like WordPress or Hub Spot as the backbone of your media venture isn’t enough.

Over the past 10yrs Agilx has been building custom software out of our headquarters in Lincoln, NE for multiple industries which means you get a full-service software development team with experience in building custom content management solutions for the news and media industry. From complex integrations to support and maintenance of your new CMS, Agilx is a long term partner that can help you build, launch and scale a custom platform in the News & Media space.

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Let’s Build A Lasting Relationship

Our goal at Agilx is to build long lasting relationships with our clients through fair pricing, transparency and solid communication. When you work with Agilx you’re investing in a partnership you can rely on for years to come. We look forward to tackling your next challenge together.