Software Development for Manufacturing and Logistics

Consolidate data, connect with customers and automate manual tasks to save time and generate more sales.

Integration Services

Consolidate and streamline business operations by integrating eCommerce, ERP, CRM and more with a custom sofware solution that allows future business growth and addtional revenue oportunites. 

Support Ticket & Warranty Queues.

Building a support and warranty queue sets your organization up for custom workflow automation for quicker response times with customers.

Automation and Custom Workflow

Eliminate time-consuming tasks, double entry and reduce employee overhead costs with custom automation solutions in the warehouse, back office and throughout the supply chain.

Orders and Shipping

Build custom order forms, automatically take orders from 3rd party systems and receive and send shipping updates to your staff and customers.

Knowledge Base

Keep the knowledge about your business with your business and avoid costly turnover and retraining costs.

ERP & WMS Solutions

Most ERP and Warehouse management systems contain important data that can be hard to access and make informed decisions on. Agilx can help aggregate that data so you can take action.

Dashboards and Reporting

Access important information from anywhere, any device at anytime. Agilx can help with custom data visualizations and reports that help your business run smoothly.


Manufacturing and Logistics companies can future proof products by integrating custom chipsets and software into existing product lines to maxamize the customer experience. 

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