GratisLite by Agilx is a rich Internet application empowering individuals and small business to quickly create and email invoices to their clients.  GratisLite is super-simple to use and isn’t hindered by features most people will never need.  Simply login, add a customer, add products and you are ready to create and send invoices.  All for free!


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Registering for GratisLite is a snap, just visit click here and sign up to start managing you business in a more professional, efficient way. GratisLite(free invoicing software) is the best free business software on the web hands down!

“Do more with GratisLite”

GratisLite will allow you to collect customer information, create and sell products on the fly and view sales history within a few clicks. GratisLite was designed for simplicity of use. Whether you sell products from a brick & mortar or need a simple way to invoice and email clients for services rendered. GratisLite is free, simple and efficient. Lets take a look at some of the features in GratisLite.

Manage Customers

Add a customer with a few simple clicks. Manage and lookup previous sales and quotes you’ve provided to your customers.

Manage Product Information

Add new products and edit existing products to add to a sales orders, quotes and invoices.


Simple Inventory Management

Edit price, cost and inventory counts on your products. When you sell your products they will automatically deduct from your inventory count.

Sales History

View sales history and lookup previous quotes and Invoices. You can use the live search to bring up results by customer name, sales ID or Invoice number.

Simple Workflow

The layout of GratisLite makes it easy to add a customer, sell that customer a product or service and get them out the door with a sales receipt.

Easy Start-up and Use

Register for GratisLite, create a new customer and sell them a product in less than 5min. No installation required, GratisLite runs in the cloud and provided to you as software as a service.

Create Quotes

When you’re ready to land that big job your clients may need to see a quote before moving forward. GratisLite allows you to create a professional looking Quote to send to you prospective client.

Create Invoices

When you are ready to get paid you can create a professional looking invoice from an existing quote or create a quick invoice with net terms to send to your clients.

Print, Export & Email receipts, quotes & invoices

GratisLite allows you to simply email, print or export your sales receipts, quotes & invoices through an easy to use interface.

GratisLite ePay

Once you have sent an invoice to your customer they can simply pay you online with any credit card. Set terms so your customers can pay you online at their convenience, you’ll get paid faster and their bookkeeper will love you for it.