Software development for eCommerce & Subscriptions

From custom eCommerce solutions to multi-channel integrations with leading eCommerce platforms, we have experience building highly customized eCommerce and Subscription services for clients that reach a global customer base. 

Custom eCommerce Development

Custom eCommerce development is building a solution unique to your business that provides best digital experience for your customers and employees. 

Custom solutions for complex workflows.

We had the pleasure to work on custom software solution for a company in the logistics space that had recently implemented a new warehouse management system (WMS). Their issue was the new WMS didn’t have an interface where their vendors could login to place orders, track orders, shipments and more. In addition to orders placed within the custom order management system(OMS), our customer also wanted to collect orders from some of the most popular eCommerce platforms by integrating with sites such as Shopify, Magento, NopCommerce, BigCommerce.

Our first milestone on the project was to build the order management portal with internal and external account access so the customer could invite internal employees to manage orders and vendors to on-board and place orders with appropriate permissions. The custom OMS (Order management system) needed to pull customer information from the WMS API, allowing the vendors to enter minimal information to place a their order. For the clients internal staff we development a custom workflow where employees could audit the order, print packing slips, view previous orders, split the orders and update order stats through completion.

With milestone 1 complete and launched to production within a few sprints we moved to the the next milestone which was the integration with various third-party eCommerce platforms. These integrations would allow our clients customers the ability to have an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform that could accept orders which would automatically submit to the new custom OMS we built in the first milestone. In this phase we also build an API endpoint with documentation that our client could share with other software provides so they could integrate order placement into their WMS and custom eCommerce solutions. This endpoint allowed our customer to automate order placement digitally as an alternative to their internal staff managing everything using excel spreadsheets, emails and late night phone calls.

When you look at your internal processes are you stuck using spreadsheets, email, phone calls and other disconnected systems? If you are, we would appreciate the opportunity to share our experience and expertise in helping businesses improve efficiency through technology.

Over the past 10yrs Agilx has been building custom software out of our headquarters in Lincoln, NE for multiple industries which means you get a full-service software development team with experience in building custom eCommerce solutions, order management systems and subscription portals for a variety of industries. From order workflow automation to selling with a native mobile application, Agilx is a long term partner that can help you build, launch and support your new digital commerce solution at scale.

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