Custom Software for Transportation and Logistics

With years of industry experience, let us help you build custom software from the management of complex driver pay to integrations with your transportation management system.

Improve efficiency & effectiveness to remain relevant.

The growth of e-commerce has furthered the need for fast-paced, technically focus logistics operations in a sector that is arguably the most under-innovated industry. For your company to lead in the transportation and logistics market you need an experienced software development partner who can integrate systems, reduce manual processes and help you remain relevant. 

Agilx has experience in building web applications in the for transportation clients that integrate with system like: People Net, Omnitracs, TMW, Paycor, Sage among others. 

Over the last 10yrs of business we’ve built numerous software applications for customers including inventory management, fleet management, payroll management, dispatch, CRM & account management and document digitization strategies with custom workflows.

Our goal is to become a trusted, long term software development partner that can help you build, launch and support the growing demand for technical innovation in the transportation and logistic market.

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Our goal at Agilx is to build long lasting relationships with our clients through fair pricing, transparency and solid communication. When you work with Agilx you’re investing in a partnership you can rely on for years to come. We look forward to tackling your next challenge together.