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We are a software development company in Nebraska, working with companies in the agriculture sector is in our DNA. 

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A recent McKinsey study sites “When it comes to the agriculture industry, the future is in data and connectivity”

Most of our software development team grew up a stones through from a crop field, feed-yard, packing plant or cattle operation so it’s natural that some of Agilx largest  customers are in the AG sector. The following is an overview of a project we completed and support that illustrates our capabilities in building custom software solutions that connect cattle buyers with cattle sellers.

Building a custom real-time auction platform:

A new client in the cattle space had reached out and wanted to develop an online auction platform that would change the way cattle are bought and sold through transparent price discovery. The system would need to support the seller, buyer and set of real-time auctions through a suite of functionality. Sellers would have the ability to create listings complete with photos, videos and other rich media content and buyers can follow the cattle they are interested in. On a weekly basis, these buyers & sellers come to digitally bid on lots of cattle in real-time.

The first phase of this project contained a 3 milestones and took around 4 months to develop. First we built a management portal where a seller could register for an account and create a listing complete with photos, videos and other content. The sellers could set their price and schedule a lot listing to go live in an upcoming auction. After selling their cattle on the platform they have the ability manage all post auction settlement activities and produce reports.

The buyer could register for an account and use a set of intuitive filters, & maps to follow up-coming lot listings. At live auction time the buyer has the ability to bid on cattle listings in real-time. A notification center lets the buyer know the status of their current bid and when they’ve been outbid within milliseconds.

The current technologies that support realtime web communication are amazing. This allows us to build web applications where information like bid updates, status changes and chat can happen without the need to refresh a browser. It’s just one of many software development projects we’ve completed in the agriculture sector and hopefully illustrates the complex systems we are capable of building.

Over the last 10yrs of business we’ve build numerous software applications for customers including dealer network portals, ERP integrations, custom map/draw/quote applications, support portals, compliance checklist application and more.

If your company resides in the Nebraska we would love the opportunity to share our experience with you. Our goal is to become a trusted, long term software development partner that can help you build, launch and support software for the growing demand for data and connectivity in the agriculture sector.

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