Web Development

(Web portals, e-commerce, data management, cross-channel integrations,)

Today, listing your business in the yellow pages and the local newspaper just doesn’t have the same effect it did in recent years. With consumers turning to computers, smart phones and tablets as a primary source of information, it’s important that your company gets online immediately. Whether you need a basic website with information about your company and services or a complete ecommerce site with merchant services integration and back-end analytics, we can help.

Web Portals

Allow your customers or clients to login to your customer portal to download information you provide or upload information for your viewing.


We can help you sell a few products online from your site or create a centralized product database with customized web service(API). Whatever your ecommerce needs, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your situation.

Website design

Does your company need a web site? At Agilx, we develop custom websites for our customers from the ground up. Let us learn the ins and outs of your business and help get your company message out to your customers.

Web & Application hosting

At Agilx we provide the very best hosting solutions for all of our customers. From basic web pages to email and application hosting, we’ll find the right fit for your specific need.

Blogging for industry experts

The best way to get recognized on the internet is to put all that valuable information you have online where everyone can see it. Agilx can help you do just that! We’ll get you a good looking blog setup in no time. You can post to your blog from your cell phone, email or any other internet connected device. Also, why spend the time duplicating those effort across all social media sites? When you post to your blog you can have that post replicate across sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google buzz and more.

Site Maintenance Training

If we develop a website for you and you’d like to learn how to make changes without having to call us no problem. We provide training sessions to all our customers.