Our Company

Who we are..

The name Agilx is a blend of agile software development and applied metrics. Our company was founded over methodologies for rapid delivery of software by embracing interaction with our customers and transparent collaboration across projects we’re involved in. And, (metrics) dealing with measurements that determine the progress toward meeting certain goals.

What we do…

At Agilx we develop custom software solutions for a variety of clients and industries across the country. Our core competency is turning your idea’s into a well designed and carefully developed software solution.

We understand that most companies from start-up to corporation operate in their own unique way. Sometimes there is no off-the-shelf software solution to solve your unique business objectives and this is where finding a company to provide a custom solution is necessary. From the identification of business requirements to the completion of an appropriate solution, Agilx can help every step of the way.

Web Development…

(Web portals, e-commerce, data management, cross-channel integrations)

Today, listing your business in the yellow pages and the local newspaper just doesn’t have the same effect it did in recent years. With consumers turning to computers, smart phones and tablets as a primary source of information, it’s important that your company gets online immediately. Whether you need a basic website with information about your company and services or a complete ecommerce site with merchant services integration and back-end analytics, we can help.

Custom Software Development…

From rich Internet applications (RIA) harnessing the power of the cloud to windows based applications using the latest client/server technologies, we develop custom solutions to meet your needs. We practice service-oriented architecture (SOA) principals by using Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Mobile Applications…

(iPhone, Android, WMS)

Smart phones and tablet computers are a great way to get up to date information when away from your desk. With increased coverage of mobile data and faster download speeds over the air, mobile applications are allowing us to do more now than we ever thought possible. Let us help you design, develop and deploy your next mobile application.

To the Cloud...(Rackspace, Sugar CRM, GratisLite, BaseCamp)Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud enabled technologies are on the rise. As more companies begin to realize the risk vs. reward of taking operations from their LAN to an off-site data center the opportunity to decrease your overall IT budget while increasing efficiency has never been greater. At Agilx, we are experts in using SaaS to operate within a lean budget while achieving exceptional results. If you’re sitting on a quote for that new production database server, give us a call first. There may be a cheaper, faster, more sustainable solution. As always, advice and insight are free at Agilx so shoot us an email or stop by the office, our doors are always open.

Software Consulting Services…Let us help you choose the appropriate technology solution for your business, we’ll also give you advice to take guess work out of that new project you’re wanting to embark on. We have an open door policy at Agilx so just give us a call and we’d love to discuss your idea’s.