Development Services

Web Based Software (Saas)

Software as a Service

Our favorite thing about technology is that storage, bandwidth & processing power get more efficient and accessible every day. What does that mean to you? It means that we can work together faster and more efficiently than ever before at a lower cost, reducing a large portion of the upfront cost in the development of your future application. We are experts in a variety of web programming technologies that make building even the most complex of web applications an affordable option for your business.

Javascipt, jQuery, JSON, Node.js, SignalR, HTML5, CSS3
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Apps for iOS™,  Android™ & Windows Phone™

Native Mobile Application Development

One of the areas in software development you can’t ignore is mobile application demand. We develop iOS, Android & Windows Phone applications to meet a variety of clients needs. Whether you are looking to extend existing software into the mobile space or have a great idea for the next hot app on the marketplace, we would love to work with you. With an increasing amount of the population tied to their mobile device for news, communication and work, the mobile app market isn’t slowing down any time soon.

We develop for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using the latest and most advanced platforms and tools.


Front End Development

Client Side UI & UX

Does your existing application need a face lift? Agilx does front-end development too! We work with the most talented graphic artists and web designers in the industry that specialize in HTML, CSS & jQuery. Take that in combination with our development expertise in web programming technologies and you’re sure to get amazing results.

From Mockup to Code we’ll take you all the way!


eCommerce Websites

Get your product out to millions of customers

Our web development and design experience, backed by our unique skills in software development, make our eCommerce sites the best. We have experience doing complete overhauls of existing eCommerce sites onto platforms that allow your online store to flourish. We can also tie your eCommerce site into your accounting system to automate the entire process from ordering to fulfillment.

We are a re-seller of the awarding winning eCommerce platform Americommerce


Client / Server Software

We create the tools that power the enterprise

If you’re in need of a company that has years of experience developing client applications, you’ve come to the right place! We are a Microsoft™ Certified Developer and member of the Microsoft™ Partner Program. We utilize best practices in service oriented architecture (SOA) to develop stunning client apps in C#, WPF, WCF, REST and Microsoft SQL Server.

Contact us to schedule a visit at our Lincoln, Nebraska headquarters or we can send our talented engineers and project managers onsite to learn about your enterprise requirements.


Data Transformation Services

For when manual entry is not an option

We are experts in taking large amounts of data and organizing it so it makes sense. Whether you are taking information from an old database to a new one or trying to import an Excel document to SQL, our trained professionals can help you get the job done quickly and correctly.

We are experts in writing stored procedures to enhance automation
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Integration Projects

Connecting software through custom web services

We work with clients, large and small, developing solutions to automate everyday business operations. We know how to write and consume web services (API’s) to make different software products pass data nicely. If you have ever done duplicate entry and wondered why, we should probably have a talk.

WCF, Node.js, Entity Framework, SQL
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