Agilx Software, located at 800 P ST, Ste 300 in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket, is pleased to announce the completion and unveiling of it’s first custom software platform.

“This platform will take our customer satisfaction to another level!”, exclaims Ronny Sorensen, a Project Manager at Agilx. The new platform was completed last week and is already in production use. “We have been talking about building something in house for while. People, customers and other developers, were always asking, ‘when are you going to build something for yourselves?’. Well now we have, and by the looks of it, it’s a real step up” remarks Jeff Hale, Agilx CTO and President of Leisurely Activities.

Tim Volkmer, the newest employee at Agilx, remarked that being a part of building something so remarkable has been a life, and career, changing process. “Having this platform will allow me to take my software and professional development to new heights; exactly 30 inches off the ground.” Agilx is already working hard on version 2.0.

Screenshots of the new platform:

New Platform 2016-08-10 15.07.40-1

Have a great day! 😉