About Us

  • We are Agilx, a custom software development team located at the Technology Park in Lincoln, NE.

    At Agilx, we don’t restrict our expertise to a single field we make it our goal to excel in different areas that can ease the working process of all the different sectors. As software professionals we use the most sophisticated techniques to develop a solution that can be scaled with changing requirements keeping our services offerings dynamic. By practicing agile development, we focus on reducing development time with an emphasis on reducing cost of the solutions we provide. Bring your ideas to Agilx so we can combine your ideas with our professional knowledge to make the most out of it. We provide solutions that can meet your short term and long term goals by delivering a robust and reliable solution.

  • We love to get involved in our community! Check out this years winners of the 2012 Nebraska Software Builders Challenge.

    The 2012 Nebraska Software Builders Challenge is a great opportunity for programming students to showcase their talent and gain exposure in the software industry. This contest is made for students interested in programming and software development.

    The Nebraska Software Builders Challenge is based on real world scenarios focusing on the development of line of business applications to solve specific objectives.  Programmers are issued their set of objectives the day of the competition. Each participant brings a computer with their choice of IDE and may use any language to complete the challenge. A hosting environment is setup for the participants which acts as the delivery platform for developed application.

    2012 Software Builders Challenge first place winners: Timothy Miller & David Dovel

  • What we are all about..

    Agilx is a software development company with core strength in the development of rich internet applications harnessing the power of cloud based technology.  We provide value though utilization of agile product development while leveraging virtualization technologies to deliver cost-effective applications.  Specifically, our business process allows ways to eliminate waste of resources, maximize efficiency and deliver better product quality.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to enable competitive advantage through the use of cloud technologies and service based applications allowing sources of revenue growth and clear return on investment for our clients.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Research

    • Researching prospective markets, emerging technologies and proven technologies help the initial planning stages of a product all the way to market delivery.
  • Step 2 Plan

    • “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” The aim of our planning processes is to ensure project tasks are well coordinated and they meet the various project objectives including timely completion and execution.
  • Step 3 Develop

    • We rely on proven technologies to deliver capable, secure and reliable software solutions specific to client requirements.
  • Step 4 Deliver

    • We rely on proven technologies to deliver capable, secure and reliable software solutions specific to client requirements.

Here are the kind of things Agilx can do..

  • Custom Software Development
  • Web based Application Development
  • Development of Custom Web Services
  • Data transformation services
  • Custom web portals for client and admin access
  • eCommerce design and development
  • High end custom websites

  • GratisLite is a free invoicing solution for any small business. GratisLite allows you to store information about your customers, Invoice & Quote History, Products and can even be used as a basic point-of-sale. And the great thing is it’s %100 free!

    Register for GratisLite

  • Agilx builds custom mobile apps too! We started Sideline Agency to build custom mobile sports applications for athletic teams all over the world. The Sideline App is available for iOS & Android devices and allows teams to keep in touch with their fans.

    Checkout sidelineagency.com

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